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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Voyager update

Came back from honeymoon and achieved my only goal: to knit as much as I want. =) Here is the outcome: prymnumber voyager stole.

Length of the latest picture is at 140 rows. The width is for 8 pattern repeats. I’m looking forward to wearing it in the over-Air-Conditioned offices and restaurants in the summer!

And one question: I can’t seem to knit lace and listen to pod casts at the same time. Yesterday it took me a hour to knit 5 rows with my headset on (half the time I was ripping back to fix mistakes!). Then finally I took the headset off, and flew threw 5 more rows in half hour. Arg… but I LIKE knitting and listening at the same time! TV in the background is just not the same (especially what the hubby likes to watch!).


p.s. Here are some images from Moab, UT.

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