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Saturday, December 22, 2012

A hand-made gift

My BFF Sandy made me a small project bag. LOVE IT!!! I squeal every time I see it!

The dimensions (7.5" x 8" x 4") are perfect. Oh man I love bags!

Happy End Of The World!

Ok, I know it was yesterday, but whatever.  Happy Day-After-End-Of-The-World! Did you celebrate? ;-)

And now since we've survived the Mayan/Zombie/Space Alien apocalypse, I have updates!

First, I've been in a baking/cooking mood.  I baked a pumpkin marshmallow S'mores the other day to bring to a friend's Christmas party.  I found the recipe on; it was super easy to make! (and the party was super fun!)

(It tasted better than it looks in the picture)
And yes I've been knitting!  Some of what got done recently:

A sweater for Moose! (I felt bad seeing him shiver while he peed. Seriously, no one should have to pee like that!)
Glamour shot #2
A hat for me, from left over yarn
Pumpkins need hats too. 
Socks for Timmy (Note: dark yarns are pains in arses to work with) 
And a few others that I can't show.

On a closing note, if you actually got down this far: Am I the only one who gets hung up on grammar while writing? My inner editor yells at me whenever I type...