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Monday, June 30, 2008

Color Test

Um, I took a weird color test from a link in Casey's podcast show notes. Here are the results. How weird...I mean, what does it have to do with Color?!?!!

Irene's Existing Situation
    Readily participates in things affording excitement or stimulation. Wants to feel exhilarated.
Irene's Stress Sources
    An existing situation or relationship is unsatisfactory, but she feels unable to change it to bring about the sense of belonging which she needs. Unwilling to expose her vulnerability, she therefore continues to resist this state of affairs, but feels dependent on the attachment. This not only depresses her. but makes her irritable and impatient, producing considerable restlessness and the urge to get away from the situation, either actually or, at least, mentally. Ability to concentrate may suffer.
Irene's Restrained Characteristics
    Willing to become emotionally involved, but demanding and particular in her choice of a partner and in her relations with those close to her. Needs reassurance and is careful to avoid open conflict since this might reduce her prospects of realizing her hopes.

    Circumstances are forcing her to compromise, to restrain her demands and hopes, and to forgo for the time being some of the things she wants.

Irene's Desired Objective
    Seeks luxury, sensuous comfort, and the indulgence of a taste for the voluptuous.
Irene's Actual Problem

Anxiety and a restless dissatisfaction, either with circumstances or with unfulfilled emotional needs, have produced considerable stress. She tries to escape from these into a conflict-free security in which she can relax and recover.

Click here to read the rest of the results.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Done with the Voyager Stole

Originally uploaded by prymnumber
Woo hoo!!!! I'm done!!! And it took about a month and a half to complete. Not bad for me!

Search for sleeveless cardigan pattern

So I've been on a quest to find a sleeveless cardigan pattern that's knit in the round, something like this (by Lucia):

Man, I never knew it was so hard to find such a thing!! The cardigan (aka button up vest) is for my dad, so I want to find a "good" looking vest that's also fairly easy to make. (Easy meaning not much sewing up of pieces.)

I think I'm going to start with a pattern generator (KnitWare is so far my favorite, because the directions are clear and the diagrams are very good) then tweek it so it's in the round. I might try steeking because it *seems* easier than having to work the top portion of the front and back pieces.

Of course I'm going to make a small doll/child vest first to try. My goal is to finish my dads vest by the end of next week, which means I should finish the sample vest by this weekend. We'll see!

Friday, June 27, 2008


I was reading the forums on Ravelry a few days ago, and someone wrote something that suggested to me that some of my past favorite podcasters are back. Whooo Hoo! So I checked on iTunes and here they are:

1. KnitScience Podcast (and the KnitScience Blog)
2. Math4Knitters Podcast (and the Math4Knitters Blog)

And one plug for the Double Knit podcast (the Blog is the same url). I LOVE the last episode where they REALLY gave the lowdown on TNNA!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Haeckler's Myrtle Leaf Shawl

Originally uploaded by haecklers
Thanks to Haecklers for sharing this beautiful shawl on knitlist! You too can get the pattern by emailing her. I'm going to make this one soon.... the pattern repeats are easy to remember, and the result is lovely!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Stole update

Just want to pop in and say hi. And to give an update on the stole. As you can see my Ravelry projects page, you can see it's about 85% done. It's taken sooooo long to make, mostly because the yarn is not easy to work with and I keep making mistakes and having to rip back.

First, the yarn is snaggy and hairy, so I have to be very careful in where I stick my needles. I'm using my KnitPicks metal needles, which are known to be sharp. But the yarn is suck that the stitches doesn't want to be picked up cleanly.

Second, for some reason (maybe it's the podcasts I'm *trying* to listen to at the same time), I keep loosing count on the pattern or dropping stitches. Granted the pattern is 10 rows total, 13 stitches for each repeat. And each row's pattern is different, and each row has different stitch count. The overall pattern is not all that complex, but I can't memorize it (10*13 = 130 different stitches to remember) no matter that I've worked 209 rows so far.

Knitting late at night and with a podcast doesn't help. The only time I didn't mess up as much was during our honeymoon. Maybe it's because I was so relaxed, or because I didn't have work in the day to exhaust my brain cells.

Ah work.... it's been exhausting my brain cells. The good thing is that we get the 4th of July week off. Inspired by the Casey's Voyager Stole KAL thread, I've made it my goal to finish this darn stole before the end of this coming week. I want to work on my dad's vest during the time off, and to watch my long-awaiting Elizabeth Zimmermann DVDs. Man.... I totally understand why people love to knit socks and baby things. Big projects drag on like a bad break up!

Friday, June 13, 2008

How I started

Casey on Ravelry asked the question "What was your first project" and she got me thinking about how I got started.

Here is what I wrote:

I first learned to knit….I believe when I was frustrated by work or something. I somehow found my way into a Michael’s (doesn’t most people?) and picked up one of those “Learn to Knit” kits. It came with a thin book, some needles, and other supplies. They still sell them now, by the way!! And that’s how I got started, thanks to that little kit!

And yes, I did the scarf and hat. Then made a cabled afghan that took 3 years (it seemed like). Now that I’ve settled down and re-prioritized my life so work is not #1, I’m finding myself crazy (CRAZY!!!) about knitting! I crave it every night, and every weekend. I hope I’m not the only one!


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Voyager update

Came back from honeymoon and achieved my only goal: to knit as much as I want. =) Here is the outcome: prymnumber voyager stole.

Length of the latest picture is at 140 rows. The width is for 8 pattern repeats. I’m looking forward to wearing it in the over-Air-Conditioned offices and restaurants in the summer!

And one question: I can’t seem to knit lace and listen to pod casts at the same time. Yesterday it took me a hour to knit 5 rows with my headset on (half the time I was ripping back to fix mistakes!). Then finally I took the headset off, and flew threw 5 more rows in half hour. Arg… but I LIKE knitting and listening at the same time! TV in the background is just not the same (especially what the hubby likes to watch!).


p.s. Here are some images from Moab, UT.