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Sunday, January 25, 2009

2 little projects

I finished the front of Tim's sweater and really needed a break.  So I made a hat for me (needed it because of the cold weather we've been intermittently getting), and finished the EZ bottom-up seamless yoke sweater.  
Doll-sized sweater in very old and yucky acrylic yarn.  I never thought a yarn could feel HARD and PLASTIC after being blocked, but this one did.  Well, I guess I can't complain too much since it was a freebie.  I like how the colors pooled together to look almost like a Fair Isle sweater.  This sweater definitely is better in pictures than in the hand!

How many times have I professed my love for Noro yarns?  Oh...if Noro were a man....

The hat is made out of 1 skein of Noro silk garden (in a discontinued colorway).  But look at it...isn't it beautiful how the colors come together?  Of course with everything, more notes are on my Ravelry project page.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hachoo sweater update

An update on Tim's sweater:

I'm almost done with the front of Hjalte. This has been a slow and patience-testing project, but the end is beginning to seem possible. My goal is to finish the entire sweater by the end of January; Wish me luck!

Here is where I am with the front arm-hole (entire front piece measures 23 inches so far).

Here is the front and back together so far.  This thing is HUGE (to me)!

An unremarkable picture of the front so far.  Hum...reminds me of the back, because it IS exactly the same as the back so far!!!!!

Smile!  It's a good day!

Thursday, January 8, 2009


First, I know you are dying to know how my knitting is going.  

 Well...I'm almost done with the front part of Tim's sweater (or, overall about 60% done).  Man....  It's becoming a labor of love at this point.  I love to knit it, but it's taking FOREVER!!!!  

I would include pictures but the front looks exactly like the back....I mean, I could just post the back pictures again and no one would know!!

Knitting teaches me patience and that good things takes time and effort to accomplish.   Arg..... ARG!!!!!  But sometimes I wish it is not such a good teacher.

But here is some crochet that is TOTALLY weird!  


If you want to see the creator, click on the image.   

By the way, crochet is DIFFERENT than knitting.  

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy new knitting year!

Oooooo.... 2009.   Scary how time flies....

Tim and I went to  a friend's last night to celebrate the new year's coming and the old year's passing.   The girls started talking about new year's resolutions.  We had the usual "eat healthy" and "wear a pedometer", but the best was from Heather, who wanted to "wear heels at least once a week."    Apparently it made her feel girly (which, is totally something Tim deeply appreciates and totally antithetical to the way I dress).   I think it's awesome of Heather to want that.    I just can't imagine myself doing the same thing!  My feet probably thanks me for it too.

As for my non-knitting self, I would like to 

1) Accept my dear sweet husband's kind act of folding my clothes after they come out of the laundry.  I am anal about the way I like my clothes folded, but he's doing his best and I need to let go of my control-complex .   
2) Not tease Tim as much in public (and he promises to do the same for me).

And most importantly, knitting goals for 2009!

* Knit a project a month, 1 project must be an Elizabeth Zimmermann project (bigger than a hat)
* Keep knitting for charity
* Knit myself something(s)
* Learn a new skill every month

(Oh, and Jen P wore the sweater [from hell] I made her.  She was brave as it was a dame heavy sweater, but man does it make me smile!)