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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Someone is out there!

Forgot to mention earlier: I went out to lunch with Rushan, Cindy, and Elaine yesterday.  And the best thing was finding out that Rushan reads my knitting blog!!!!  Woo Hoo!!!!  Someone is out there!  I kinda feel like Will Smith in the movie "I am Legend" after he found out there are other people who survived the plague. 

I like the puppy dog.


Work has really put a crimp in my knitting.  I didn't' get to knit most of last week (or was it the week before?) because of stupid "issues" with our corporate data warehouse.  Why do things always have to break on weekends and at pre-dawn  hours?!  

The warehouse breakdown did reinforce the idea that the solution  is always easy to spot once you know where to look.  And once you find the solution, the "weird" error messages you saw earlier makes perfect sense.    Don't you hate that?  It's like saying "oh, after reading the answer key, of course the test was easy!"

Here is an update on Tim's ha-choo, I mean Hjalte, sweater.

With all that's going on, I manage to have a full knitting day a few weekends ago, and little bits of knitting during the week.  The sweater (technically, the back piece of the sweater) is now 13 inches  long.  I'm kinda not looking forward the idea of having to knit the exact same thing again for the front.  I should have done this in the round!!!  

The WIP from a slight distance reminds me of stone carvings from some Mesopotamian age.  (Edit: I just did a google search, and I think I mean Sumerian age.)

Or...maybe I just need more coffee.... 

Saturday, October 4, 2008

5 inches into the Hjalte

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This sweater is worked in pieces (I didn’t want to convert because the crazy cables are confusing enough). I got the ribbing done, and was working happily away at the main part of the body. Then about 2 inches past the ribbing, I suddenly realized I skipped over the dreaded words “change to bigger needles.”

$!^%@! (I seriously thought “maybe I can just continue in smaller needles and no one will know….)

ARG!!! 2 days it took to rip and fix 2 inches. Now, 2 more days later, I’m back at the "pre-rip" point. Arg… The only thing that made me feel better is knowing the 2nd time will go faster since I’ll be using bigger needles. And the fact that I made the husband watch as I ripped back. =)

The picture is the fixed version, measuring about 5 inches in length. The cables are starting to show, and they remind me of tree branches!