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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Stole update

Just want to pop in and say hi. And to give an update on the stole. As you can see my Ravelry projects page, you can see it's about 85% done. It's taken sooooo long to make, mostly because the yarn is not easy to work with and I keep making mistakes and having to rip back.

First, the yarn is snaggy and hairy, so I have to be very careful in where I stick my needles. I'm using my KnitPicks metal needles, which are known to be sharp. But the yarn is suck that the stitches doesn't want to be picked up cleanly.

Second, for some reason (maybe it's the podcasts I'm *trying* to listen to at the same time), I keep loosing count on the pattern or dropping stitches. Granted the pattern is 10 rows total, 13 stitches for each repeat. And each row's pattern is different, and each row has different stitch count. The overall pattern is not all that complex, but I can't memorize it (10*13 = 130 different stitches to remember) no matter that I've worked 209 rows so far.

Knitting late at night and with a podcast doesn't help. The only time I didn't mess up as much was during our honeymoon. Maybe it's because I was so relaxed, or because I didn't have work in the day to exhaust my brain cells.

Ah work.... it's been exhausting my brain cells. The good thing is that we get the 4th of July week off. Inspired by the Casey's Voyager Stole KAL thread, I've made it my goal to finish this darn stole before the end of this coming week. I want to work on my dad's vest during the time off, and to watch my long-awaiting Elizabeth Zimmermann DVDs. Man.... I totally understand why people love to knit socks and baby things. Big projects drag on like a bad break up!

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