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Sunday, February 15, 2009


Knitting taught me a lesson the other day.  I learned not to second-guess myself (too much) and to double check before I undo what I just did.

I came to this "lesson" because, for some reason, I was convinced I made a mistake in the way I knit the cuff of the 2nd sleeve (yes!  I finished the first one!).  So I ripped out the 2 inches I had already done, thinking I'm doing what every good knitter would do which is to admit my mistake and redo it so it's right.  But after much time redoing and redoing a basic rib, I finally end up exactly where I started. A

and guess what?  I was right the first time.  I did not make a mistake (I double checked the 2nd cuff with the 1st cuff). All I did was waste a bunch of time all because I second-guessed myself.  

ARG!!!  I guess it wasn't a total waste because I did learn something valuable.  Sometimes, I wonder where my brain goes.  This was a total "DOH!" incident!

Monday, February 9, 2009

The dogs...

What if sometimes I just don't want to work?  

What if the weather is nice outside and I would rather be knitting at the library? 

What if I were back in school studying for another career?  Nursing?  Teaching?  Part time at a yarn store? 

What if I started my own busines?

What if I had the dog I've wanted for so long?

Saturday, February 7, 2009


First, thanks to my super-reporter, dirt-finder friend, check out these pants (and the scarf? sweater? shorts? right after).  Inspiring?  Heck yeah!  I bet that tape hurt....

Now business: I'm almost done with one sleeve for Tim's horse (for some reason, Hjalte sounds like horse to me this morning) sweater.  The thing is, as I was taking pictures, I realized I knitted the main part too far and should have started the sleeve cap section an inch ago.  Arg. 

And the thing is, because I converted the knit-flat-sleeve-cap directions to knit-in-round-while-planning-to-work-sleeve-cap-in-flat directions, my gauge is off.  Bottom line is that the stitch count is a mess and I need to spend some major time figuring out how to fix this thing.

ARG!!! Fixing things at work is troublesome enough.   Fixing things with my knitting is more frustrating.  

Can't I just knit stupid blankets and scarfs?  Even shawls where the gauge is not that important.  Yeesh...

Here are pictures of the sleeve.  

There are actually 2 mistakes (the first and more minor one being it's an inch too long right now).  

Can you spot the 2nd and more major mistake?