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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Moosey Poo

Puppies have a way of changing people.   The men become the biggest softies and the women's maternal instincts take over.   

With us, we feel like "real" parents for the first time.  We now understand a parent's feeling that they will do (and sometimes are doing) anything for their children -- sacrifice time and comfort, work longer hours just to bring in more money, etc etc etc.  

Specifically, I find myself giving up my sacred workouts and precious knitting time just so I can take care of Moose.   And Tim changes into dad-zilla every time Moosey gets frightened or gets into a bit if trouble.   Funny how people are wired.

Pictures?  Oh you betcha.  Like crazed parents with a new-born and trigger-happy camera fingers!   (but I'll spare you.  Here are just a few.)

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