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Thursday, January 8, 2009


First, I know you are dying to know how my knitting is going.  

 Well...I'm almost done with the front part of Tim's sweater (or, overall about 60% done).  Man....  It's becoming a labor of love at this point.  I love to knit it, but it's taking FOREVER!!!!  

I would include pictures but the front looks exactly like the back....I mean, I could just post the back pictures again and no one would know!!

Knitting teaches me patience and that good things takes time and effort to accomplish.   Arg..... ARG!!!!!  But sometimes I wish it is not such a good teacher.

But here is some crochet that is TOTALLY weird!  


If you want to see the creator, click on the image.   

By the way, crochet is DIFFERENT than knitting.  

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