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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy new knitting year!

Oooooo.... 2009.   Scary how time flies....

Tim and I went to  a friend's last night to celebrate the new year's coming and the old year's passing.   The girls started talking about new year's resolutions.  We had the usual "eat healthy" and "wear a pedometer", but the best was from Heather, who wanted to "wear heels at least once a week."    Apparently it made her feel girly (which, is totally something Tim deeply appreciates and totally antithetical to the way I dress).   I think it's awesome of Heather to want that.    I just can't imagine myself doing the same thing!  My feet probably thanks me for it too.

As for my non-knitting self, I would like to 

1) Accept my dear sweet husband's kind act of folding my clothes after they come out of the laundry.  I am anal about the way I like my clothes folded, but he's doing his best and I need to let go of my control-complex .   
2) Not tease Tim as much in public (and he promises to do the same for me).

And most importantly, knitting goals for 2009!

* Knit a project a month, 1 project must be an Elizabeth Zimmermann project (bigger than a hat)
* Keep knitting for charity
* Knit myself something(s)
* Learn a new skill every month

(Oh, and Jen P wore the sweater [from hell] I made her.  She was brave as it was a dame heavy sweater, but man does it make me smile!)

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