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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Reading and writing

I read a lot of things today, one of which was the Sunday papers.   There was an article about a guy who did well "timing" the market and picking the "winning" stocks.  The article did advocate having a long term buy-and-hold strategy at the same time, but it made me think 

1) I wonder how I would do if I tried to stock pick, and 
2) it's amazing how dangerous ideas/methods can be made to sound reasonable and doable.

Last week I also read an interview in the latest edition of Knitting Purls (an eNewsletter published by Ida) in which Kelly Pekuns of KnitPicks.

The full interview is in the newsletter but I found it thought provacative.  What Kelly said about how she and Bob (her husband) started the company, and what they do to source the yarn and other supplies they sell, really made me respect KnitPicks a lot more.  I always knew they had good stuff at really good prices, but it's impressive to really know the length of the process.

I'll see if I can find a link to the actual newsletter.   Or if are you are nimble with the web, the publishing info is:

Knitting Purls 
ISSN: 1942-4027
Published bimonthly 
by Charing Cross Publishers

Knitting Purls Blog is at:

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