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Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I heard a vocabulary podcast episode that got me motivated to read and write more everyday.

So I think I'm going to try that, starting today.    My "goal" is to either read a book or write something for 15 minutes everyday, no matter what it is.   

I think next time I'm at Target or something I'm going to get myself an egg timer.  I've wanted one for a while, and I want to use it to track my reading/writing duration.

Let's see!

Also, I made a hat for Tim.  It was getting cold and he started wearing his old, ugly (in my opinion) ski hat.  So I asked him to pick out some yarn he liked, and here is the result!

I would put a picture up of Tim wearing the hat, but for some reason he closes his eyes when I tried to photo him. weird.

Here is a picture of the weird top:

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Jasmin said...

I have an unnatural love of timers. When I found out that my iPhone had one, I was disproportionately thrilled.