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Friday, September 19, 2008

Try to pronunce "Hajlte"....

Mr Timmy, the love of my life, picks out this little beauty he'd like me to make for him.  It’s called Hjalte from Guy Knits : The Best of Knitter’s Magazine.

I started reading through the pattern yesterday and it’s instilling fear in my poor knitting hands…. Not my first or even second choice, but alas, the dear hubby unit wants a sweater…. I hope he knows how much I’m willing to suffer for him!!

I’m planning to do the gauge swatch tonight and maybe knit a sample of the charts in the pattern. Did I mention it calls for FINGERING weight yarn?!?! Oh just kill me….

And just to update on the charity projects, I finished 2 more hats and a preemie blanket.

Here's a one of the hats (so cute!  such good use of left over yarn from stash!!!)



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