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Monday, September 8, 2008


I love Ravelry....

"Curious - another post here introduced me to the ‘happy birthday’ feature - i was blown away by all the virgos!... Casy, would you (or anyone else) be able to tell which astrological sun sign is most represented here on ravelry? i’m so curious now."

- Mutilple guesses from  people, with most putting $ on Cancer as the biggest birthday-er.

"I don’t have a handy way to cross reference dates with astrological signs and I’m too lazy to type in all of the start and end dates. Here is the list of birthdays - go nuts. (There are 94,000+)" 

- less than an hour later

"Never underestimate the temptation that the pursuit of statistical fact provides to a maths major. 

Sorted numerically, in descending order: 

Cancer: 8525 
Virgo: 8219 
Leo: 8141 
Gemini: 8128 
Taurus: 8125 
Libra: 7951 
Aries: 7864 
Pisces: 7828 
Scorpio: 7475 
Aquarius: 7436 
Capricorn: 7314 
Sagittarius: 7253

of course, I should note that this data is not scientifically accurate since it is a self selected sample etc., etc. ;) all it proves is that Cancers are the Ravelers most likely to have inserted their birthdays into their profiles."

- another hour passes

"Ok, here’s what I got. Out of 94,260 birthdays in the data base, here is the breakdown:

Aries - 7889 members (8.4%) 
Taurus - 8101 members (8.6%) 
Gemini - 8150 members (8.6%) 
Cancer - 8560 members (9.1%) 
Leo - 8130 members (8.6%) 
Virgo - 8164 members (8.7%) 
Libra - 7985 members (8.5%) 
Scorpio - 7516 members (8.0%) 
Sagittarius - 7474 members (7.9%) 
Capricorn - 7064 members (7.5%) 
Aquarius - 7441 members (7.9%) 
Pisces - 7774 members (8.2%)

Sounds like you guys’ hunches about the (Northern Hemisphere) summertime signs’ prevalence was correct, at least for the Ravellers that report their birth dates"

- In my mind... hum... numbers are different....

"Yeah, the differing dates is why my numbers and knitforneurons’ are off ever so slightly. I’m not sure where she picked her dates from, but I just copied mine from wikipedia. still, the results are similar."

- Me

Oh my goodness.... read on for more.  This is FACINATING!! 

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