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Thursday, August 6, 2009

try harder!

I started thinking yesterday that I have to try and find the time to finish Sandy's sweater. Previously I was able to knit a few hours on Sundays after all the chores are done. But weekends are getting busier and busier, with the occasional work "issues" popping up.

So I'm thinking maybe I'll try knitting 30 minutes (or at least 1 row) every day. Now I just have to find the 30 minutes when I will actually DO it! Why do I have this feeling that I'm treating this like other people think about working out? I mean, I LOVE knitting. This seems so wrong!

Maybe it is because I'm now so used to spending all my time with work or Moose that knitting has fallen out of habit. I guess the effort part is to break my own habit. And lord knows I'm a habit-loving girl!

We'll see.... Sometimes goals and reality don't always agree.

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