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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Killing me

I honestly think work is trying to kill me.  For the past 2 days I left the house to 1) get the mail, 2) take out the trash.  And my most proud accomplishment today is the shower I took.  Yeah!

BUT!  I did start Sandy's sweater!  I converted the knit-flat pattern into knit-in-the-round.  Man, I see why designers say it's a lot of work!  Just converting a pattern is time consuming!  Not only must the structure and pattern stay the same, the stitch count has to equal out at the end.  

So WHY are so many patterns written in the flat?!?!  I don't know anyone who PREFER to knit flat then seam. Are pattern the way they are because designers are used to writting in the flat?  Maybe it's easier?  But...if the audience wants ROUND, why then give them FLAT?

Anyway, here is Sandy's sweater so far (this is the bottom):

Here is what it will grow up to be:

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