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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Indian Yarn

My manager ("boss" sounds so cruel, doesn't it?) went back to India and asked if there is anything I wanted from that part of the world.  And of course I said yarn.   I had no idea Indians don't buy yarn (or knit I guess?) while it is 98 degrees outside.  Huh!  I wonder why? I would.

So he had a hard time finding a shop that have any yarn in stock, and when he did find said store, the owners laughed at him for wanting to buy it!  (He said his own mother laughed when he told her what I asked for.)  

Man, he is a GOOD manager.  The man preserves through humiliation and heat and sickness in search for his goal.  I admire his grit and I'm lucky he is my "boss."

So you wonder, what does Indian yarn in the middle of summer look like?  I present:

Neat, huh?

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