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Monday, March 16, 2009

-- March 14, 2009
I’m DONE!! I’m DONE! I'm DONE with Timmy's sweater!  I’m still in a state of disbelieve! After about 7 months of working on this thing, I’m finally done!! And the final result actually looks like the picture! Whoo Hoo!!!

Pictures will come as soon Mr. Hubby wears the thing outside. 

-- March 16, 2009
And also a "my-oh-my", I can't believe someone has the time and patience to do this.  Look carefully now!  It's not the real thing!


Eli said...

Please knit me one of those.

Heather said...

you definitely need to knit that next. although, I'm not sure where it would go in you apartment... I'm sure Tim would love it!! ;)