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Saturday, February 7, 2009


First, thanks to my super-reporter, dirt-finder friend, check out these pants (and the scarf? sweater? shorts? right after).  Inspiring?  Heck yeah!  I bet that tape hurt....

Now business: I'm almost done with one sleeve for Tim's horse (for some reason, Hjalte sounds like horse to me this morning) sweater.  The thing is, as I was taking pictures, I realized I knitted the main part too far and should have started the sleeve cap section an inch ago.  Arg. 

And the thing is, because I converted the knit-flat-sleeve-cap directions to knit-in-round-while-planning-to-work-sleeve-cap-in-flat directions, my gauge is off.  Bottom line is that the stitch count is a mess and I need to spend some major time figuring out how to fix this thing.

ARG!!! Fixing things at work is troublesome enough.   Fixing things with my knitting is more frustrating.  

Can't I just knit stupid blankets and scarfs?  Even shawls where the gauge is not that important.  Yeesh...

Here are pictures of the sleeve.  

There are actually 2 mistakes (the first and more minor one being it's an inch too long right now).  

Can you spot the 2nd and more major mistake?  

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