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Saturday, October 4, 2008

5 inches into the Hjalte

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This sweater is worked in pieces (I didn’t want to convert because the crazy cables are confusing enough). I got the ribbing done, and was working happily away at the main part of the body. Then about 2 inches past the ribbing, I suddenly realized I skipped over the dreaded words “change to bigger needles.”

$!^%@! (I seriously thought “maybe I can just continue in smaller needles and no one will know….)

ARG!!! 2 days it took to rip and fix 2 inches. Now, 2 more days later, I’m back at the "pre-rip" point. Arg… The only thing that made me feel better is knowing the 2nd time will go faster since I’ll be using bigger needles. And the fact that I made the husband watch as I ripped back. =)

The picture is the fixed version, measuring about 5 inches in length. The cables are starting to show, and they remind me of tree branches!

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