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Sunday, March 4, 2012

My precious....

Two weeks ago I made my annual pilgrimage to Stitches West.  I took Barry Klein's "Complete from the top down" class yesterday. He is one of the best knitting teachers I've had! I learned new things even though I have knitted a few top-down sweaters before. If you ever get a chance to take one of his classes, DO IT! He is worth every bit of your penny and time.

This year I also saw more weaving and crochet related classes and items on the market floor. There were also spinning, felting, and peripherally related things like irons, shoes, and makeup (I know, when I saw that I thought makeup?! boy....).

Lastly, the market, ah lovely market. Definitely the traditional favorites were there (like Webs, Yarn Barn), as well as many of the local businesses (like Carolina Homespun, Purlescence Yarns, and many I didn't even know existed!). Personally I lost all budgetary control at the Drops yarns booth. Their Delight sock yarn were on sale and of course I NEEDED all of it. Purrrrrty...yummy...

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