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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Half an inch

Ahh... I learned the significant of 1/2 inch yesterday.  I made a hat for my mom that turned out gorgeous.  Great colors and not bad knitting for my first fair-isle project.  But when my mom put it on, it was 1/2 inch too tight and 1 inch too short. Sigh... Back to the drawing board. I *will* make her a hat that fits!
Here's is the hat, which I shall be wearing now.

And poor Moose had to wear a cone for the past week.  He scratched his right eye somehow and it got all red and swollen.  For 4 days Mr. cone-head wobbled around and bumped into everything.  On one hand it was super  funny and cute, but on the other hand it was sad to see him so flustered.

But the cone is off now and his eye is all better.  Thanks to Dr D at Companion Animal Hospital!

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