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Wednesday, August 25, 2010


It's been so long since I last posted!  In the past few weeks I finished a sweater for Tim's mom and a scarf for my friend Rushan.  No pictures yet since I still need to block the 2 pieces.  Tim says he will get me a dedicated "blocking" bucket for my knitting (thanks Hon!).  I can't wait since it'll make the job much easier compared to using the bathtub!

It's also been a busy month for us!  My friend Rushan (for whom I made the scarf) got married.  Her husband is French and I swear the entire French population showed up at the wedding.  I never knew there were so many French people in the Bay Area!

Here is the Bride and me at the shower:

And the Bride and Groom (aka Benoit)

Now the whole family!

(The little girl on the low left was just the cutest! She was so bubbly and full of laughs!)

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Amy Lee said...

you are very beautiful.