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Saturday, November 14, 2009

What should I knit next?

Woo HOOO!!!  I finished sewing in the ends of Sandy's sweater on Wednesday, and gave it to her on the same day.  Hopefully I'll have a picture of Sandy wearing the sweater to show and tell!

Here is the finished sweater (sans Sandy).

Seems like I'm on a roll with cabled sweaters. But you know what I want to knit next?  (Well, other than the hat I started this morning.  It's getting cold and I need a new hat.)  I am itching to make a top-down, seamless, boring old in-the-round sweater for me, in some kind of brown yarn. NO patterning, NO bright colors, NO sewing of sleeves!!  Just plain stockinette around and around and around.  I so need a break from having to think!!!

I'm thinking of making Ingenue or Pink from Wendy Bernard's Custom Knits.  Hum.. in brown?  Hum....

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