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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sampler WIP

Originally uploaded by prymnumber
The "fish" sampler from The Knitter's Workshop.

I cast on 80 stitches instead of specified 64, so the FO will be bigger than the original. (It's already *HUGE* in my eyes!) And I didn’t follow all of the ribbing instructions.

So far, I did 2 sets of the twisted stitch, 1 set where I did p1kb every round, and 1 set where I did p1kb for one round, p1k1 for one round. I don’t really see the difference in tension, but I like the p1kb every round better.

I'm definitely treating this as a throwaway piece, and playing with whatever stitch/technique I feel like. Kinda fun and liberating in a way.

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